Personal Reflection March 12 -- Personal Reflection May 2 -- Personal Reflection April 9

The short term and long term reflection log journal kept throughout student teaching provides practice at competency number 28, reflecting actively and continuously upon practice, leading to enhance teaching and learning for all students. Included for artifacts are a few highlights from the log that provide insight to the actual practice of competency number 28. The overall log required instant reflection, and long term reflection usually recorded the weekend after the first reflection. Logs were kept both on how the material/content was received/assessed, and how rapport with students was that lesson. March12 reflection deals with my emotional and ethical aspects of performance, as well as how my own culture and perspective plays into my instruction. May 2nd reflection highlights past, present, and future reflection concerning the ups and downs of parent conferencing. Finally, April 9th reflection shows how to reflect and plan, plan and reflect instructional and professional decisions concerning both curriculum and instruction.

The following reflection of minutes, agenda, and overall interaction with a parent conference provides an example of competency number 29, cooperating, collaborating, and fostering relationships with families and other members of the community. An initiative and response needed to be taken to address a frequently absent student that was beginning to fail. Ideas and advice were shared in small teams and through the school community in how to respond to the issue. It was decided an interaction to effectively and responsively conference with parents/guardians to support student learning should take place. Sharing innovative teaching strategies from the School of Education and using my new advice and cultural competence, this instructor had a successful phone conference with the parent in which an impression and actions of an inclusive, responsive school community was given to both the parent and student.

The following reflection was written the last Friday of the student teaching experience and provides an insight to practice and reflection concerning competencies 25, 26, and 30, demonstrating professional demeanor and ethical behavior, participating in and applying professional development, and demonstrating potential for teacher leadership. When it comes to the material/skill of teaching, this instructor believes William and Mary's School of Education has helped her prepare to use educational research to inform teaching decisions and to also have content methods to even actively and reasonably apply. Attending school functions, such as New Kent High School's teacher professional development activities and meetings, has showed this instructor that her graduate education were both full of recent content and relevant skill training. In the long term concerning the material/skill of teaching, this instructor will continue to set growth goals as a future educator for both classrooms and her overall practice. This instructor also hopes to show her own learning and ideas with others throughout her career as an educator, and looks forward to gaining insight and advice from experienced teachers she meets. One of the most important things in the long run, however, is to promote social justice as a future educator by modeling behavior and lesson plans that expose students (and the instructor herself in the process of planning) to new and different perspectives. Rules and expectations of the class did, and shall continue to consistently enforce respect and celebration of each others differences and individualities. In the terms of rapport with students, staff, faculty, and others in the school community, this instructor was able to build a strong relationship in which demonstrating of effort and enthusiasm for the content and the community were present from both the instructor and students. By maintaining a professional appearance and attitude, this instructor as given an authority (despite similarity in age to students) in which she could encourage and model respect for diversity and self respect. By the end of this experience, this instructor has a "whole school" perspective. She would feel comfortable attending a local baseball game or community activity based on this knowledge and perspective. She also believes she has demonstrated an understanding of school functions and administration based on her reflection and eventual decision to apply to New Kent High School and substitute teacher there if no positions are available. In the long term, this instructor hopes to show the state of Virginia and the College of William and Mary initiative and self direction by putting her experience and education to good use for whatever community needs help, whether in or beyond the classroom.