Education has long provided many people with the opportunity to learn and grown within themselves and their community. In my own life, education has served this purpose, and continues to motivate me to do and learn more. As a future educator, I hope I can open this realm of curiosity and motivation to my students.

I believe that all people have the capacity and curiosity to learn, if fostered with enough motivation; in particular, I believe that education can provide an environment for self improvement and self empowerment. While this is not always the case, teachers and the school community should always foster the students potentials through respect, caring, and fair critique. Education, or schools, should also allow students access to as many materials legally and financially available including things such as literature, maps, technology, field trips, and art supplies. Between these two outlets of improvement and empowerment, education can spark motivation for students to learn and most importantly, do more.

As a future Social Studies teacher, firstly, I hope to create an environment in which students can readily learn from the teacher, and the teacher can easily learn and grow with the students. Specifically concerning Social Studies, I hope to make the subject as hands on and relevant to my students as possible. I have heard many students complain that this subject is very boring and impractical, however this is extremely far from the case! Understanding the many dynamics of Social Studies can lead to an easier, smoother, and more successful interaction within the larger world. The skills trained in the Social Studies subject, such as comprehensive reading, research, and writing, apply to many functions in life including personal and economic obligations. The study of the past and historic patterns, in particular, can help aid humanity as a whole in understanding why things happen and how we can avoid horrible things in the future. I hope to emphasize curiosity, hard work, and empathy. In my subject, students must be able to empathize with historical events and figures in order to understand the personal points of views that form our recorded history. In the long run, I believe Social Studies classroom skills will also help students become informed, responsible, and caring citizens of the United States.

Education is a valuable process and place for all people all over the world. The curiosity that motivates many to learn more, leads to improvements and empowerments for those individuals and their communities. As a future educator, I hope to foster my students curiosity in order to promote a life long love of learning in which they will progressively improve and empower themselves. If students can lead a successful and responsible life, this adds to the benefits to not only the life of the student, but of the entire community as well. My love for this country, its people, and its history have motivated me to pass on these compassions to others, and to work towards sustaining a better and brighter future for everyone.