Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
Social Studies as a subject can sometimes be referred to as a "boring" content area. As a future educator and in my student teaching I hope to help change this perception with the incorporation of modern technologies beneficial to the classroom and learning process. Specifically, I hope to use visual and interactive technologies such as the vast resources available at YOUTUBE.com and Google's Interactive World Wonders Project. Throughout my career, I intend to use and promote technologies that can help students understand history on a more personal level, provide interdisciplinary and practical practice, and ease communication and collaboration within the school community.

Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
Students should have the opportunity to play and practice with technology in any subject area. As a future educator and student teacher I hope to allow them this opportunity by incorporating technology lessons and practice within my lesson plans. A personal example of this desire and practice includes this Structured Academic Curriculum Lesson plan in which students collaborate, research, and create presentations using personal computers, the internet, and other digital software.

Model Digital Age Work and Learning
In order to exhibit the positive and informative uses of technology, I will have to become proficient and fluidly capable of using the available classroom technologies. These technologies can include anything from a copy machine to editing wikis online. Communication and collaboration technology such as email or social networks will be critical to providing information with the school community; as a future educator and student teacher, I should create a polite, yet pubic web presence. This standard requires practice to complete and can be supplemented with Help resources such as Promethean Board How To and Microsoft Windows FAQs.

Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
In order to promote ethical use of technology I intend to model such behavior to students. This behavior includes visually citing my sources used in class, and explaining plagiarism and copyright laws. Students will have access to rules concerning these ethics such as a Plagiarism Checker and Copyright FAQ from the Student Press Law Center. Most importantly, students will be held to such ethical standards when completing assignments or practicing with technology. As a future educator and student teacher I hope to allow students diverse, legal, and original technologies and activities that can un-tap the many different potentials of the many different students within the classroom.

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
Technology's use in daily life is currently increasing and doubtfully going away in the future. In order to keep up with the latest and most successful advances in educational technology I hope to become a member of technology informational and training groups such as Apple Inc News/Newsletter and technology news for educators such as eSchool News. These resources will help provide ideas and guides to help promote, practice, and incorporate technology into the Social Studies classroom. As a future educator and student teacher I hope to intend on remaining informed, as well as contributing to the overall technological decisions and community within my own teaching placement.