Since an early age I have had aspirations involving becoming an educator. In order to prepare myself to the best of my ability to become a true teacher, I chose to College of William and Mary's School of Education to train and guide me. This was because I knew about their conceptual framework beforehand, and believed its goals and purpose would serve me best in the long run of my career and training. My time and work at the College of William and Mary's Undergraduate and School of Education has helped me become a content expert, a reflective practitioner, an effective collaborator, and an educational leader.

A content expert has pedagogical content knowledge, a commitment to intellectualism, and the ability to organize and transfer knowledge. My history undergraduate training and focus has helped introduce and reinforce content information concerning several different facets of social studies. My studies and knowledge include not only history, but also sociology, anthropology, economics, and geography, My personality and hobbies revolve around reading, discovering, and documenting history, also contributing to content expertise.

A reflective practitioner articulates his or her ideas, experiments with the ideas of others, and makes connections to the world in which he or she lives. To do this, I maintain a daily reflective log concerning teaching, material, and rapport with instant and long term entries. Education is a common conversation topic in my household and among friends. This constant submergence in educational thought (from school to home and back again) leads way to much reflection. In fact, the greater challenge has been learning how to also appropriately respond to reflections. Collaboration training and my student teaching experience have provided guidance and practice in addressing teaching through reflection, and reflection through team or individual intervention.

An effective collaborator effectively engages in interactive process of learning that involve reciprocity. Issues raised through reflection, as noted above, can be typically addressed through collaboration with a number of different school and/or community personnel. My training at the College of William and Mary's School of Education helped prepare me for collaborative experiences in my student teaching placement. To help students reach their greatest potential collaboration with special education specialists, administration, parents, and students are all required. After my practice and through course work on collaboration, I feel confident I can work politely, productively, and in the best interests of my futures students as a future educator.

An educational leader provides leadership beyond the classroom and school, serves as a mentor, and engages in educational research. As a future teacher, I hope to always bring enthusiasm and model respect for all students. As in my student teaching experience, I intend on becoming active in not only school functions/activities, but also in community celebrations and services. Schools always need helping hands, and as an educational leader I hope to help wherever my gifts and skills can prove beneficial. The College of William and Mary's School of Education's training, exposure, and experience has given me the skills and confidence to enter a new school and actively participate and/or lead activities, functions, and decisions.

The College of William and Mary's School of Education trains and prepares its students according to a conceptual framework consisting of four main pieces. The content expert provides depth and enthusiasm of their content subject. The reflective practitioner thinks actively about their instruction, curriculum, assessment, and relationships within the school and their own lives. The effective collaborator works well with others and to the best of their ability for the best outcome for their school and community. Finally, the educational leader is all those things in one, willing to take on new challenges and horizons in the educational field and community. After my time here at the School of Education and my student teaching experience at the College of William and Mary, I feel confident in providing future students with a teacher shaped, now capable, and continuously influenced by this conceptual framework.