This test will be an assessment of student understanding and teacher's success with instruction of at 10th grade World Geography exam. This test will focus on the physical, cultural, and economic characteristics of Latin America, as well as, the characteristics and impacts of human migration on global scale, yet focusing specifically on the impacts on the Latin American region. Students will complete the assessment to provide teacher with an understanding of class mastery; teacher will then create an item analysis to base action research for future class lesson. The test will be summative, and weighted at a heavier percentage than all other assignments (worksheets, journals, participation) in the course. This assessment and evaluations meet competency 16 because it has a variety of different skills tested, accommodations are put in places for those who need them. It is assigned to reinforce and assess course content, as well as, teacher instruction success. The unit exam will return to students in less than a week with written feedback. The exam includes both SOL and higher other thinking information and skill training. The test is evaluated using a key and rubric. What I know, want to know, and now know worksheets were distributed and collected at the beginning and end of each unit in order to formatively assess student interests and prior knowledge for scaffolding in the beginning, and student growth at the end.

This graduate project reflects examples and practice of competencies 17 and 18, demonstrating growth for a group of students over time and creating a lesson or activity that was developed based on student assessment results. The graduate project was created, inititally, from brainstorming on a reflection log. In noticing that students consistently failed geographical map quiz assessments, an attempt was made to research and implement actions in order to raise test scores and student motivation. While trying a variation of time, process, and format throughout the project helped to narrow out variable that were causing low test scores, in the end, the action resarch demonstrated growth in student map quiz assessments over the course of about a month's time, displayed in a data chart within the graduate proejct write up.